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Bended on my knees I raise my hands, Oh Creator of all things! How wonderful is Your orchestration! Small to large all are individuals yet closely connected, though driving their own path as king of their own territory. Still all have consistent similarities from atom to galaxy. And Your grip on this Runtime is so strong that without stopping it You bring new things, impossible innovations which appear as miracle. Some of their science we discover and some of them we still wonder.


From the very beginning of my programming life, I had a wild fascination of designing a dynamic…

When expectations are born fake, priorities are all wrongly set.

One of my colleagues used to say,

“brother it is not about project management, it is all about expectation management”

Though he understood the very core of project management but still I saw him failed.

When the vision is vague, expectations are born fake.

How vision becomes vague? It becomes vague with hiding the true intentions. Like, in vision statement you say, we want to become the best car company in the world, and in backend you are just looking for to reach the IPO.

Or, in vision statement you say, we want to be the best AI platform for…

#CDC (Change Data Capture), its a very core requirement before we start planning a #ETL.

And to avoid query based change capture and do it real time changeEvent based with the help of logs, — is an excellent implementation to do it with KafkaConnect.

Incase of #Oracle RDBMS they have nice tools like Oracle Golden Gate and Oracle XStream and both can be used with #KafkaConnect and #Debezium but sadly both are licensed. Fortunately there is a simple community implementation with KafkaConnect and Oracle as guideline

This article explains more in detail

I had no prior experience with redux, was looking for a chance to get into it a bit more. These scripts (English, Javascript) can help you too or maybe you can help me by suggesting my mistakes.

Why you should not read the English script because it is full of non-programmer weird examples.

Why you should read the Javascript:

=> Understand Redux basics of state management with its middleware for async http request calling

=> Single composition of multiple dockers

if you do not like to read English language script than here is the link for story in javascript:

Cuscuta, image source:
Cuscuta, image source:

They are beautiful, they can extend easily and they can live on others easily. Yes! they have no roots.

Now building a paradise fully dependent on these cuscuta and thinking as cuscuta are on the tree and the tree has root, so our paradise has root; yes! salute to you.

One day a passenger was passing by the tree, he thought the tree needs a cure, so he upgraded the tree by some pesticides applying and abracadabra! next day the tree is there on root but no cuscuta, so the paradise fall.

Now in this technology market, these cuscuta business…

In DevOps culture, how to bring everything in codebase by thinking as Cloud agnostic! and few comparisons of four cloud schools AWS, Google, Azure, Oracle.

When you are designing a Distributed system, you have to consider several issues that may not a concern for single instance management. Check the below video, I tried to explain as less technical as possible:

i do not need
a picture
or a souvenir
or a special day
to make you special.

you are alive in me
whatever i accept or deny.

you are my buddy
and the worst bully.

you still poke me
now just
i am not angry.
and i will
never be again.
you bet!

last time,
i poked you,
i just made it worse,
only that regret
but you know this game.

trust me,
i miss nothing,
just to
poke you back
once more
when the fight
is done,
i know you will
i'm waiting for that
with my all
just to be once more
in your arms.

your vulnerable one.

Data & Communication about that data

Microsoft Teams will never provide you CRM solution but will let you integrate with their CRM solution. They will provide you a connector to connect with CRM solution.

need based evaluation

Managing multiple front-end clients is a troublesome concern for any product development team. The release planning, delivery timeline and team size everything get effected for this. And still same feature is available in web but not in mobile Or available for iOS but not for android.

And again it requires different skill set front-end teams to deliver same product for different OS.

Everybody knows this very well, so PWA got a huge acceptance and it is the front-end future to focus. If you still do not know about PWA (progressive web apps) development, please check google.

So many places in…

Manna Mahmud

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